Fuseboard Upgrades

A fuse box or consumer unit/distribution board is what controls and isolates all electrical circuits in your home.

There are many reasons why it may need updating or replacing. For example, new electrics within kitchens, bathrooms or even just a few new sockets, will require the circuit to be protected by an RCD and therefore it may be best to replace the existing fuse box.

The current 18th edition BS7671 wiring regulations require pretty much all new circuits within a domestic property to be protected with a Residual Circuit Device (RCD) to prevent shocks or even fires. It’s been the regulation since 2008, but many properties still don’t have RCDs.

Grice Electrical often inspect and replace old fuse boxes as part of other works or to bring the home up to date and improve safety. This work usually requires a full day for 1 x approved electrician in which the power will be turned off for a number of hours. After the installation of the new distribution board, a full electrical inspection and test will be carried out and any minor faults rectified during this process. The test and inspection carried out whilst changing an old fuse box, often brings attention to electrical faults which have been in the home for a long time and therefore improves the overall safety and quality of the electrical installation.

If you have an old fuse box the installation of a new distribution board will greatly improve the safety of the electrical installation within your home.